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Have you seen the eye-catching new additions to Franklin St.?


Maybe you've noticed some new eye-catching additions in the middle of Evansville's Franklin Street.
Four sculptures made of recyclable materials went up earlier in the week, and those sculptures tie into Earth Day. 

The sculptures were put on display Monday, and it's no surprise the Franklin Street Events Association was involved. 

They worked with the Arts Council of Doom on this project. The events association said this is the first time ever for sculptures to be up on Franklin Street.

There are four sculptures up now and five or six more are still coming.

"Well, I mean anytime you drive down the road and you see some awesome sculptures in the median, it's going to raise a little awareness," said Fred Hillenbrand with the association. "They're going to start thinking of something, try to figure out what it is, find out some information about Earth Day. Find out information about recycled art sculptures and also the Franklin Street Events Association and Franklin Street in general."

These sculptures will be out through Sunday and then they'll have to be taken down. But the hope is to get approval to get them back up permanently.


Since they tie into Earth Day, there's a lot going on Saturday to celebrate. 

There's a 5k Color Me Fun Run, kid-friendly activities on the library lawn, and then an art crawl at 2:00 p.m. It's a good chance to check out the sculptures and other work by local artists. 

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