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Local bank issuing new debit cards to some Schnucks customers

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One local bank said they will be re-issuing many Schnucks customers' debit cards just to be safe after 2.4 million Schnucks shoppers could be at risk for ID theft. 

Officials with First Bank on Red Bank Road said they're reissuing debit cards that were used at the east side or Newburgh Schnucks in December 2012.

Brian Hughes with First Bank said that over the last four weeks the bank has been notifying customers, closing those debit cards and re-ordering new cards as a precaution.  

Hughes said the bank just finished notifying those customers and new cards should come in about five to seven days.

Schnucks said that thieves only got credit card numbers and expiration dates. They said credit card companies will notify people who may be affected.  

Officials at Heritage Federal Credit Union and Fifth Third Bank told 14 News that they're not recalling any cards at this time.

Those banks said to always keep a close eye on your bank statements and if you see anything suspicious, contact your bank.


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