Threats, Why's, and Videotape

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UE Threats

Officials say the University of Evansville campus remained on high alert last night after police discovered potential threats on Twitter. Two sporting events were canceled after one threat mentioned an act of violence at one of those events.  The other threat was made against an Evansville Police department facility. The very latest on Sunrise.


Authorities are continuing figure out why the attack occurred and are appealing to the public for any information they might have to help the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings. Investigators are hoping to jog people's memories -- perhaps of seeing someone carrying an unusually heavy nylon bag or hearing something before the attacks as a culprit tested explosives or expressed an interest in attacking the race.


They're also asking for any photos or video tape of the attack so they can piece it together and hopefully come up with some answers.

Work Zone Safety

Spring means a rise in temperatures, and also the start of a busy construction season with many workers in harms way.  And during Work Zone Safety Week, INDOT wants to remind drivers to pay attention in construction areas. Nicole is live with the details, while Alyssa has the story from Owensboro.


A front has stalled over the tri-state which will help focus scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area.  The front will eventually move north as a warm front today, keeping temperatures well above normal.  A cold front arrive late Thursday which will bring widespread showers and thunderstorms to the area. Byron has the latest in his 14 First Alert forecast.

So enjoy your Wednesday and we'll see you on Sunrise.


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