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A sister's promise stands true after Posey Co. murder-suicide

Erica Davis and John Carney Erica Davis and John Carney

A grieving Posey County family is asking for help Tuesday night after a tragic murder-suicide left them to care for the couple's three kids. 

But with three kids of their own, this new family is pulling together for the tough road ahead.

"She was always happy and smiling. She loved spending time with her kids and her family," said Anglea Eisner, who's caring for her sister's kids.

Three kids, all under the age of 10, now facing life without their mom and dad.

Outside their grandmother's home in New Harmony, 14 News saw the youngest, 17-month-old Maddie, reaching for a picture of her mom.

"Their world has been turned upside down. All of our worlds have been turned upside down.  It's just one day at a time," Eisner said.

On April 7th, their mother, Erica Davis, and their father, John Carney, were killed in a murder-suicide inside their Posey County home.

Erica's sister, Angela Eisner, is now caring for her kids and three of her own.

"My sister and I promised each other that if anything ever happened to one or the other, we would do what we could to help take care of the kids and I intend to honor that," Eisner said.  

"I know they'll grow up to be really, really good kids because she's a terrific mother," the kids' grandmother said.  

Angela has been granted emergency temporary guardianship, but a permanent home will be up to a judge.

For now, she says they're taking it day by day, leaning on each other when times get tough.

"It's been a challenge, but one I'm glad to take," Eisner said. "They have their mommy's eyes and their daddy's eyes. That helps me get through the day."

Caring for six children creates some challenges. They need more room at home and they need a bigger car.

That's why a trust fund has been setup to help pay some of their costs. You can donate at any Fifth Third Bank Branch under Randy and Theresa Osborne.

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