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Quiznos is Out, Bucks and Jakes is In

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The Quiznos, located on Pearl Drive, will be moving out and the outdoor store, Bucks and Jakes, will be moving in.

Bucks and Jakes already has a store in Boonville but the owner, Allen Noe, said that almost half of his customers come from the Evansville area. He said that his customers have been asking for a west side location. Noe purchased the foreclosed building with plans to put in a 9,200 square foot store. This location will have an emphasis on fishing and duck hunting and it will also include an archery lane similar to the one in the Boonville location.

Several USI students are looking forward to the new store because it will be more convenient for them.

"I feel the new store is going to be a huge advantage for people like me," said Derek Woods, an avid archer. "Going to USI there everyday on the west side, I drive by it. I won't have to come out here all of the time."

Tyler Brames, another archer, said, "Me and Derek see it as an advantage for possibly starting a USI archery team. It would be really nice to be able to start out there. I'll probably be there every night shooting, definitely on the way home."

The owner also operates Approval Credit Solutions, which is a credit card customer service company. That business will also be located on Pearl Drive between Malibu Tan and the Pregnancy Resource Center. In total, the owner said he will be looking for 35 new employees. He hopes the store will be open in August.

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