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When could we see Roberts Park taking shape?

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Finishing touches are in the works for the demolition of Roberts Stadium. The next step that will be to turn the area into Roberts Park. 

In about a month, maybe even less, demolition should be complete, as long as the weather cooperates. 

A lot of the parking lot has been pulled up and they are continuing to crush concrete that will be used to fill the hole left from the stadium.

Once the hole is filled in, top soil will be moved in and grass will be planted.

It could be a space people could utilize as early as this summer, but it certainly won't be completed by then.

Parks Director Denise Johnson says they want to move cautiously with the project to make sure finances are in place and that project won't negatively impact the city's economics.

She says the plan has always been to complete the project in phases. 

Demolition was phase one, so soon they'll move on to phase two, which is planning.

"It's for planning for the architectural, for the engineering and to layout everything with the help of a lot of experts what we need to do to make this a perfect spot for people to get out with their family, for people that work out, for people that just want to sit and enjoy things," Johnson said.

Johnson says once that serious planning with architects and health and fitness experts really gets underway, it should take about four months. 

Then they should have specific ideas of what they want to see in the park that they may present at some community meetings.

Some things we know the city wants to include are walking and biking trails, a handicap accessible playground, water features, a skate park and dog park.

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