New energy saving program helping small businesses save big bucks

Vectren has a new program, and it's saving small business owners a lot of money.

Donut Bank President Chris Kempf used the "Small Business Energy Solutions" program at his Diamond Avenue location.

He says an auditor came by his business and assessed what kind of small changes he could make to cut energy costs.

Kempf says among other things, the auditor told him replacing his outdated light fixtures to L.E.D. lights and adding specialized thermometers to his coolers could save him an average of about $4,000 at his business.

Kempf says the initial cost of making the suggested changes was out weighed by his savings within one year.

He says he'll be making more changes in the future.

"Being more energy efficient at one location, well obviously we can't wait to get into the other seven locations that we have. Any other locations that we're going to be building we're certainly going to take all these into consideration," says Kempf.

If you would like to sign your business up for the program, you can call 866-240-8476 or email