Day after a tragedy

I've got a few minutes of downtime this morning before my busy day begins, so I'm going to take advantage and write my blog entry now, instead of staying late once all the craziness subsides!  Hopefully that will allow me to AVOID a stressful rush to yoga later tonight! :)

Because of all the national coverage we aired yesterday about what happened in Boston, one of my stories never aired and is all set and ready to go today.  That rarely happens, and while it is nice to have something checked off the list before walking in the door, I certainly wish it wouldn't have happened this time, at least not for this reason.  Such a sad situation. :(

I'm sure my thoughts about what happened are very similar to many of yours; things like this shouldn't happen, hopefully the culprit(s) will be found and brought to justice quickly, and it is pretty amazing how people and communities are somehow able to overcome and move forward even after terrible events like this.

It feels pretty insignificant to talk about the rest of the day of news coverage ahead of me when so many are hurting, and I don't mean to be insensitive, but the truth is, life keeps moving.  People all over the country are continuing on with their routines, just like we are here.

So, in about 25 minutes, I'll load up my gear in a news car and drive to Roberts Stadium to talk to the Director of our Parks Department about the future of that space.  Then I'll head downtown for the Rotary Club meeting to hear EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith present his State of the Schools address.  And finally, I'll meet the Executive Director of ECHO Housing at the Gresham Home to hear how they're planning to turn it into housing for homeless veterans.  Quite a few things to cover today, so hopefully that means the day will fly by!

(On a side note, our photographer Kirk just walked in with two boxes of donuts, muffins, cookies, etc. that Donut Bank sent over after he covered a story there.  I'm munching on a delicious donut, similar to a Tiger Tail, but I'm not sure exactly what it is!  Thank you, Donut Bank.  This is just one of the many reasons this reporter loves you!!)

Hope it's a good day!

Until next time,