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Change of plans

Today was a great example of how plans can quickly change in this crazy television business!  I was out shooting an interview for my story about the upcoming Catholic parish reorganization when two explosions/bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  That was at about 2pm.  As the afternoon progressed, we realized we would not be airing our regular newscasts today.  Instead, we stuck with national coverage as more information about the explosions surfaced.  In the end, that meant that neither version of my story made it on air (the shorter version at 4:30 or the longer version at 6).  Luckily, the parish reorganization story won't be "old news" tomorrow, it's kind of what we call "evergreen" for now, so it should air tomorrow.  And even though we didn't come on at 6pm, all of us were in the studio ready to go just in case.  Ann at the desk, Chad in the weather center, Brandon and I in the studio ready to report.  Nick LaGrange was around, too.  In a situation like that, always better to be prepared than scrambling at the last minute!

I guess it ended up being a good lesson for our newest reporter, Gabrielle.  Today was her first day on board, so be on the lookout for her on-air debut soon (likely end of this week/beginning of next)!  Gabrielle is from Philly, but is excited to be here and we are excited to have her!  I've been able to spend some time with her, and she is a sweetheart!  I'm sure she will fit right in!

Well, just a short little update to start the week.  Hope it's going well for you, thus far!  We'll see what tomorrow brings!  Hopefully some more great weather!  Pretty soon I'll have to remember to pack the sunscreen in my work bag, just in case!

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