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Owensboro realtors raise awareness to help homeless

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A group of Daviess County realtors held an event Friday to help raise public awareness and support homeless shelters in the Owensboro area. 

John Burns has lived in Owensboro his whole life and works as a realtor in the city. He attended Friday's second annual Aid the Homeless Benefit to support Owensboro homeless shelters.

"That's what realtors area all about- finding homes for people. That's the reason why we chose this as our major fundraiser to be part of this organization to aid the homeless," Realtor John Burns told 14 News. 

The event raises money for five local homeless shelters in Owensboro. All the funds raised will be divided between the organizations. 

"There are people who do not think that homelessness is a problem in Owensboro-Daviess County, but they are dead wrong," said Gail Niehaus with the Greater Realtor Association.

Kim Jagoe, the Director of a Simple Path, felt a need for a homeless shelter for women in Daviess County. She will be opening a walk in, emergency shelter for woman in children later this month called Adrian's house. The organization will provide services to help them find ways out of the situation that they are in.

"If a woman became homeless tonight in our community there is nowhere for her to go. She has nowhere to go," Jagoe said. 

Organizers say they raised somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 this year. That's much more than the $39,000 they raised last year. 

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