Playing Baseball In The Snow...Say It Ain't So

If Shoeless Joe Jackson were still around he would need his snow shoes to play Major League Baseball at Target field in Minneapolis. Pass that along to U of E grad and Newburgh native... Jamey Carroll...who plays for the Minnesota Twins.

The problem...a spring snowstorm dumped five inches of heavy, wet snow on the Twin Cities from Wednesday into Thursday, risking the cancellation of a weekend series with the Mets. Plus...more snow is in the forecast and temps will be in the 20s tonight. Hmmm...the Twins used to play baseball inside(70-degrees or greater for every game) but moved to an outdoor park a few years ago. The Vikings...the hardy pro football team...even play inside.

Yikes...any help from Major League Baseball? Nope...the Twins play 15 home games in April...and only 9 on the road. How about an extended April road trip to Cali and Fla to open the season?

Give the Twins credit...they have heaters and the best snow removal team that would rival the Green Bay Packers.

The Twins have promised to never to play again at the Metrodome(inside) ever again. Playing outside in April might be impossible too.