Daviess County Fiscal Court Discussing Changing Ordinance

The Allen family in Daviess County owns three sheep at their house in the Thoroughbred East subdivision. "We have Betsy, Beatrice, and Bennett. We've had them since they were babies and they were all bottle fed. We love them because they are awesome. They are sweet pets. They come to you when you call them," said Kristin Allen, owner of the sheep.

Daviess County received several complaints from neighbors about the family having the sheep in their backyard. The Owensboro Metropolitan Board of Adjustments ruled earlier this month the family could keep the sheep because the sheep were used as pets and not for dairy or stock raising. "We were thrilled with the ruling. We don't want to gloat. We don't want to upset anyone. We just want to keep to ourselves and we want to enjoy our pets,"said Allen.

Daviess County officials met this afternoon to revisit the current animal control ordinance. The Daviess County Fiscal Court had a discussion this afternoon about changing the ordinance as a result of complaints about domestic animals in residential zones in Daviess County.

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