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EPD and Sheriff's office voice opinions about gun safety in schools

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While the national debate continues, the Indiana House has just pulled the plug on a proposal that would have required all schools to have armed personnel.

Although the mandate has been dropped from the proposals, it may still be something the schools can consider in the future.

The amendment added a provision for a new 'state school safety board' that would review training and other issues surrounding the possibility of arming school staffers and submit a report to the legislature.

While local law enforcement was open to the idea of having armed personal in schools, they also agreed more planing needed to take place.

"I think we've got a long way to go," says Sheriff Eric Williams. "We need to find a solution that number one, protects our kids. Number two, we can afford, and number three, is realistic."

Sheriff Williams says school across the state are so different, he hopes schools at least at the county level will be able to decide how to handle school safety.

"I wish we had enough police officers to have an officer in every single school building, but we don't," says Chief Billy Bolin with the EPD. "I don't see anyway to get the type of funding that is going to put an officer in 60-something schools in Evansville."

That's why Chief Bolin, who's a father of three children in the school system, is very open to the idea of having armed school employees.

"The harsh reality and a lot of people don't want to look at it this way and the only thing that is going to stop somebody with a gun, is somebody with a gun," says Chief Bolin. "I would want them to go through the same training that a law enforcement officer does, if we are going to have anybody in that school, carrying a gun. I want them to have the same training we do."

EPD and the Sheriff's office already have armed officers at some of the schools and say the idea is not far off, but would require a lot of training.

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