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Ohio Co. man stands before judge accused in deaths of daughter and her boyfriend

There was a court appearance on Thursday for a father charged in the deaths of his daughter and her boyfriend.

Tony Berkley Sr. is accused of chasing 21-year-old Jerry Goodman Jr. and 18-year-old Melissa Berkley on Ohio County Road in 2012.

Authorities say the chase led to Goodman's vehicle landing in a pond and later learned that both had died from drowning.

Court officials tells 14 News that Berkley was released from jail nearly two-weeks ago after suffering a heart attack.

It's been nearly five months since the accident that claimed the life of Goodman's son, Jerry Jr..

His stepmother, Tiffany explains how life hasn't been the same, "we have five chairs at our dinner table. Every night when we sit down and eat, there's one missing chair, but we still make a plate."

The Goodman's were in court on Thursday with their son's murderer went before a judge.

They feel it's wrong that he sits at home awaiting his trial later this year.

"Where is justice at? He murdered my son and then there's nothing," says Goodman Sr.. "They're doing nothing else about it."

"Right now, it seems like we don't even have our rights," says Tiffany.

The Goodmans believe that Berkley will never understand their pain and loss, but even though their son is gone they say they're going to keep fighting for the boy who they loved so much.

"I want justice," says Goodman Sr.. "I want justice for my son."

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