Arch Madness

Lightning hit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis last night and it was caught on camera. Photo credit to Brad Krischel Photography. The photo was taken with a Canon T3i, Sigma 8-16mm lens, 10 second exposure.

Yes...the picture is real. I received several questions...if I was in the Gateway Arch last night would I survive the lightning strike? The answer is yes.

The Arch has a network of lightning rods on the top which are grounded directly into the bedrock below. The interior of the Arch is insulated so would be safe.  In fact...the Gateway Arch receives hundreds of lightning strikes each year.

The photographer was at a safe vantage point too. From Brad Krischel.... "This picture was taken from my apartment window. I knew the storm was coming and I had heard there was a lot of lightning. I have actually watched lightning strike the Arch before (it's more common than you would expect), so I knew it was at least a possibility. So I set up my digital camera with a 10-second long exposure and just kept snapping pictures one after the other. I got lucky and this storm happened to produce a lightning strike to the Arch. Photography is a hobby of mine, and I've always wanted to capture this shot!"

Well done Brad.