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Albion official: "We need a fire department"

A brush fire broke out in Albion on Wednesday, but the local fire department didn't respond.

That's because the town is without a department after volunteers walked off the job Monday night during a dispute.

A neighboring department had to put out that fire.

Albion officials say that can't go on much longer.

During a packed meeting Wednesday night, town officials made a very public plea for help asking community members to volunteer for a new fire department.

"We need a fire department," said a city official.  "We need volunteers and I think anybody who's interested in volunteering should submit their name to city hall.  I want to be clear, this includes members from the old fire department."

"At least four or five of them are already qualified," said Albion Mayor-elect Steve McMahel.  "I think it's just a matter of going through the procedure to get them all on the roster and get the pagers gathered up and given to them and get them in there and the rest of them get them trained."

City officials said they will organize a group of volunteers, form a new department, and then appoint a chief to oversee it.

A time frame for that has not yet been set.

Until the new department is up and running, the town will have to rely on neighboring departments to respond to fires.

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