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Owensboro ice center getting rave reviews


The Edge Ice Center is getting rave reviews in Owensboro.

Cindy Bowman's daughter is in the Owensboro Figure Skating Club. She and the rest of the members have been working hard, training and practicing for competitions.

"She is here between five and six days a week. Usually Saturday is her rest day. Leading up to competition, we put in a lot of hours," Bowman said.

All the hard work paid off this weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee. The club took second place in a skating competition.

"It feels great. With just taking seven girls from our team down there, we were really impressed with the numbers that our girls pulled out," Bowman told 14 News.

The team's victories are leading to some great moments of success for Owensboro.

"They are constantly putting the name Owensboro out there. They do great with the events. People are like, 'Wow those teams are really good.' In turn, they host tournaments," said Kerry Bodenheimer, the Owensboro Parks and Recreation Superintendent.

The new ice center is bringing in people from different states to stay in Owensboro by hosting hockey tournaments and figure skating competitions at the facility.

"You're playing against bigger markets, so you really have to bring your game up and you have to play hard. That has been very true for Owensboro Youth Hockey," said Heather Blackburn, the secretary for Owensboro Youth Hockey. 

The Owensboro Figure Skating Club says they will be working and training all summer long for another competition at the end of the summer. 

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