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EPD expects to see teen violence increase as weather warms

Evansville police expect teen violence to increase as the weather warms up. 14 News is told it's a trend police see every year. 

On Tuesday, two fights were reported on Evansville's south side.

A fight broke out on the corner of Garvin and Covert on Evansville's south side Tuesday night around 8:00 p.m. 

Not two hours later, neighbors complained about another large group of kids near Linwood and Taylor.

As the weather continues to warm up, this is the first of many fights the EPD expects to see. A sergeant says with these large groups of 60 to 70 kids, it affects the neighbors as well.

"We know that when we show up, not all 70 of them are going to be fighting. But there are enough of them fighting and enough people watching that it is a problem for the neighborhoods. It's a huge quality of life issue, as well as a criminal issue when the assaults start to occur," said Jason Cullum with Evansville police.

These large fights also take resources away from other areas of the city. Since their fighting isn't contained to one particular street or corner, police don't think the guardian will be used. 

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