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Owensboro business taking big step into new territory


Opening a business in Owensboro isn't exactly a new idea, but what's a little different is opening a second location.  

That's what The Cup Cakery is planning to do once Parkside 100, formerly known as the Bates Building, opens.  

For owner Lisa Haynes, just running a business was satisfying enough.  

"I was very excited just to have the one," Haynes said.  

She's looking forward to what's ahead.  

"I'm very excited to open a second location. I feel like it's really going to help our business, not only here, but downtown," Haynes said.  

The store will share the space with a Cold Stone Creamery.  

With some big spring events coming up, Haynes is anxious to work on the final details.  

"Friday After 5, Date Night, BBQ Fest. I think all of that's just gonna draw more business in downtown for us, and then also put us on the map here in this small location where we're at right now," Haynes said.  

Officials say The Cup Cakery is one of the very few local businesses to open up a second location.  

According to Joe Berry with Owensboro Economic Development, that speaks volumes.  

"We're doing the right things down here, that we're creating an environment and a market that will work for the local entrepreneurs that we have that are really the backbone of the community," Berry said.  

But reality still hasn't completely sunk in just yet. 

"I never in a million years dreamed that this would happen," Haynes said.  

As of right now, The Cup Cakery says it plans to be open sometime in early May. They currently offers do-it-yourself supplies in addition to desserts. The downtown store will feature just treats and drinks.

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