One tired reporter

Ok, well yesterday my plan to write from home completely failed.  It was after 10pm before I remembered I hadn't done it yet, so I just threw in the towel!  So today, I'm checking this off the list before I hit the road! :)

It's been a REALLY tiring couple of days, if I'm being honest.  Yesterday I was in Albion, Illinois, about an hour away, doing a story about firefighters there resigning.  The town has no fire protection right now because of what's going on.  I was also doing a little story about it being Election Day there.  The big issue on the ballot—whether or not the town should stay dry (no alcohol).

Well, let me tell me you something.  :)  When there is controversy anywhere it can be difficult to get people to go on-camera and talk about it.  In small towns, you up the ante.  It was struggle city for me!!!  People were nice and were happy enough to help me out (in some cases they went way out of their way to assist), but very few wanted to do actual interviews.  It was a bit frustrating.  Ok, more than a bit!  Ha!  As it usually does though, in the end, everything worked out.  We had to adjust the coverage a little bit, but I don't think anyone at home would have known.  Did you notice?? :)

Today, I was back and forth from the station to downtown Evansville SIX times!!!  Ahhh!  Lots of new news today on the downtown hotel, for starters.  While the other tv station had two men covering the meeting, I did it all myself!  Power to the ladies out there, right? :)  Anyway, between that and a little bit of drama at the Safety Board meeting, I'm WIPED!  Ready to call it a night, pick up dinner on the way home and veg out.  I'm hoping for a story involving either rainbows or unicorns tomorrow.  If I'm covering something crime-related or political I might need to demand back-up!  Ha!

Hope everyone's enjoying the warm weather!  Let's just hope it doesn't turn severe!  (If it does, I'll probably be out there somewhere telling you about it!)

Until next time,