It's spring time: Watch out for potential construction scams

It's spring and that means a lot of construction projects are getting started, but beware, authorities say construction scams are on the rise.

Cathy Eichele at the Tristate Better Business Bureau tells 14 News they get a lot more inquiries asking about potential construction scams around this time of the year.

Eichele says a lot of times people call in because a person with an unmarked truck pulls up and asks if they need any work done.

BBB officials say that's not always a bad sign.

Some construction companies simply don't have sign age on their vehicles yet.

Instead, the BBB suggests you check a company's credentials and get references.

There are several red flags to watch out for, including whether a contractor is pressuring you into signing a contract.

"Do they have an out of town license plate? Do they not give you enough information? Do they want money up front and say this has to be today or this deal is not to go through? Sometimes they'll come up with a nice deal but it has to be for this time section," says Eichele.

Also remember that you can call your local building commissioner or the BBB to find out more about a construction company.

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