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Owensboro about to launch major downtown road construction project


The City of Owensboro is about to launch a major road construction project downtown that will last into next year. 

Officials say they have plan to lessen the blow for businesses caught in the middle of all those orange cones.

Bee Bop's Burgers, Shakes, & Fries has been serving up baskets of fried fare in downtown Owensboro for three years now.

Owner Samantha Ellison says she chose that location because it reminded her of her hometown.

"This kind of reminds me of being back home in Dansville, Virginia. It's a quiet little town just like this one," Ellison said.

Quiet? Well, that might be a problem this summer. A number of road projects will make it harder to get to bee bops and other businesses.

There's the Blue Bridge painting project, then the city is starting its third phase of the downtown project. 

"As we are reworking the streets, we are separating storm water with the combined sewer systems so one part we will be installing storm water pipes," said Wayne Shelton, the Director of Public Works for the city of Owensboro.

The city is reworking its streets and adding café seating along the side walk areas. The construction will impact downtown between St. Ann Street and J.R. Miller Blvd.

"When you improve the aesthetics of a community, the appearance, the presentation of a community, and that has a benefit  from the economic side, it's an area where people want to come and visit," Shelton said.

Getting there won't be easy, but the city has a plan.

"What they are going to do down here is going to disrupt everyone's business down here, but the city says they plan on working with everyone of us. They are going to stop in and talk to us and see if they can work around our hours," Ellison said.

The project will begin in June and the city says they will try to finish it up by next spring. 

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