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It's election day in Edwards Co., IL

In Albion, three city council seats are up for grabs, a new mayor will be elected, and then there's an alcohol issue.

Right now, Albion is a dry town and it has been for decades. A past effort to change that failed and now it's back on the ballot.

Those on the Vote Yes side want Albion to stay dry. Their slogan is "Protect Our Children." 

On the other side, pushing "community progress" are those supporting a no vote, which would make Albion a wet town and allow alcohol to be sold. 

On Tuesday night, it was a close vote to keep Albion a dry city. Albion remains a dry cite by ten votes. 323 residents voted wet, 333 voted to keep it dry.

As for the mayoral vote, it is an interesting situation.

Michael McMahel is running unopposed. This election may bring some stability to the position. McMahel would be the town's fourth mayor since the end of January. 

556 voters checked the ballot for McMahel to become mayor.

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