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Crews battle multiple field fires in Henderson Co.

The dry weather and windy conditions aren't doing anything to help firefighters this week. Especially those crews out battling field fires in Henderson County. 

Officials tell us the field fire was burning just off of Airline Road. Several tanker trucks were called to spray down the fields.

The Zion Volunteer Fire Department was out early Tuesday morning working three separate fires. Officials say the farmer started the fires to burn off old corn crop, but the wind picked up and carried the small fires across the fields.

Officials say it's okay to start controlled burns, but only if you know what you're doing.

"At this time of year you get quite a few field fires and the thing of it is, use common sense, when you're lighting a field on fire trying to burn corn stalk and stuff like that. When you get high winds like we have today, they're going to get out of control on you and you just need to pay attention to wind direction and wind speeds are prior to doing it," said Matthew Simcox with Zion.

The bottom line is that when these fires get out of hand, they demand a lot of manpower. Officials are warning if you want to set a controlled burn, check wind conditions and call the local fire department to keep them in the loop.

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