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Source: Albion volunteer firefighters walked off the job

If a fire broke out in Albion, Illinois, who would be there to fight it? 

A source tells 14 News that there was a disagreement during a special session and the volunteer firefighters walked off the job.

The city attorney says people who live in Albion shouldn't be worried about fire service. 

Even though the department is not in operation right now, he says there are inter-agency agreements between the surrounding communities that would cover Albion in the case of an emergency. 

The fire department has about 25 volunteer members and just about all of them decided to resign or stop their service. This decision came last night at a city council meeting. 

The city attorney says the council is trying to resolve an issue between the fire department and the city about a new fire house being built. It's set to go up right near the old one.

But in a statement 14 News received on behalf of those resigning volunteer firefighters, they say this wasn't about the building. It was about being bullied. 

They say in part, "Over the past couple of years, the constant brandishing, bullying, and outright disrespect for the volunteers caused the resignation." 

"The issue is that every time the volunteers do anything, a couple of the city council members question and harass them. When you are constantly dealing with issues from the council, the job no longer remains fun. Life is too short to put up with this harassment constantly."

Albion City Attorney Leslie Smith said, "I'm sure everything will get resolved. The city council's working to get this matter resolved so they can continue work on the firehouse and things will eventually get resolved. We'll have a good, functioning fire department. We'll have a good functioning City Hall and everything will be great."

The city attorney says the council was asking questions, trying to figure out where money is being spent and what it's being spent on.

The firefighters also, in that statement, say there was over 300 years of combined service that left the department last night.

There is a special city council meeting scheduled in Albion Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. Among the items on the agenda is appointing a fire chief and fire department, then discussing and approving a contract on new construction of the fire house. 

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