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Owensboro takes another step in legal battle with Gabe Tower owners


The City of Owensboro is taking another step in the legal battle with the owners of Gabe's Tower. 

The city says they decided to file a motion of summary judgement in the pending litigation against the owners of Gabe's Tower after having a discussion Monday afternoon.

Assistant City Attorney Steve Lynn says the city has been talking with the owners of Gabe's Tower and presented the owners with a $19,000 settlement to cover penalties, interests, and liens against the property.

City workers have been maintaining the property by cutting weeds and boarding up windows for the last two to four years.

Lynn says the owners presented the city a counter offer which the city declined.

"They did get back in touch with us and we had some discussion with them, but we ultimately decided that the city must go on and file the motion for summary judgement," said Steve Lynn, Assistant City Attorney. 

There will be a hearing on April 30 in the Daviess Circuit Court to hear the city of Owensboro motion of summary judgement.

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