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Engelbrecht's opens for the season with new goal in mind

The Engelbrecht family has owned orchards in the Tri-State for decades.

About two years ago, Bill Engelbrecht closed his Warrick County store. But, he's reopened and has a new goal. 

Tending to his flowers, Engelbrecht couldn't be happier. 

"This is better than retirement," Engelbrecht said.

That's why he's back at work after a two year hiatus.

"It's also a hobby for me because I love doing it. It's not really work. I like seeing the people in the community and I miss them," Engelbrecht said.

Engelbrecht says he thinks the community is lacking on places to buy locally grown foods. With that in mind, he has a goal.

"By July, I want to be 90 percent home grown products in the area. By home growing, I mean like a 10 to 20 mile radius. I have a lot of growers that grow excellent different crops like blackberries and blueberries," Engelbrecht said. 

That includes farmers like Bud Vogt. 

"It helps tremendously. I mean most people don't realize that even though we are a farm state, we still import about 90 percent of what we eat," Vogt said.

From Vogt's garden into Engelbrecht's store, he hopes by selling local produce that money will stay in the community. He also hopes people don't get discouraged by the construction just around the corner from his store.

"Yeah, I'm upset about it. There's ways to get here. It's very easy to get here. Turn north on 261, I'm the First Street, so I'll be one of the easier ones to get to," Engelbrecht said.

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