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iPads changing education in Dubois County

Within the next three years, all students, even kindergartners, in Northeast Dubois County will have iPads. 

It's a first for the county, and school officials believe it will change the way they view education.

"I just think it's going to be a tremendous opportunity for our students," superintendent Bill Hochgesang said. 

Bill Hochgesang is the superintendent for Northeast Dubois Schools. After consulting with students district wide, and researching iPad initiatives, Hochgesang says they're prepared to roll out their own, starting next school year.

"7-12 starting school year 2013-14, and then we will add grades 5 and 6 for school year 14-15. Then, finally, in school year 15-16, we will be K-12," Hochgesang said.

School corporations across the country have handed out technology to their middle and high school-aged students. But what makes this one unique, is that children as young as 6 years old will get an iPad.

"I asked the kids, 'If we had the perfect school, at Dubois Elementary or at Celestine Elementary, what would that perfect school look like?' And one of the top three items at every grade level was technology," said Brenda Ferguson, principal for Celestine and Dubois Elementary. "I mean these kids are growing up with technology. We need to go to where the kids are, rather than them waiting for us."

Schools here are not devoid of technology, but what they have is a little outdated. Students and faculty both believe the iPads will make learning more efficient.

"The computer labs, there's always kids using them here. It is a hassle to find one open and that works good and everything. My friends, we all talk about it, and we all think it's a good idea," Northeast Dubois junior, Rachel Breitwieser said. 

Northeast Dubois has also found space in the budget to hire Technology Integration Specialist Shanna Steckler. Steckler will be teaching teachers and students how to use the iPads.

She also tells 14 News that school curriculum will be posted to an iPad app that will allow students instant access to lesson plans, so that they can learn at their own pace outside of school hours.

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