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Local churches help those in need with Shoeless Sunday

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On Sunday, around 25 churches took part in Shoeless Sunday. 

It's a program that provides shoes for those in need, both in the Evansville area and around the world.

Bethel Temple Community Church is one of the churches that participated on Sunday. Many church goers helped spread the message of poverty awareness in a unique way.

"For us, it's just a little taste of what it might be like to live barefoot," said David Schwambach, the Family Pastor at Bethel Temple Community Church. 

It's not something you see every day, dozens of people walking to their cars after church without shoes.  

But Pastor Schwambach says the demonstration helped show the importance of generosity. He says while many people spend time deciding which shoes match a certain outfit, others aren't so lucky.

"There are children and families throughout the world that would appreciate one pair of shoes, even if it's used," Pastor Schwambach said.

After listening to a speaker from Soles4Souls, a program that helps collect and distribute shoes to those in need, church goers left their own footwear at the door, then loaded bags full of shoes onto a trailer.  

Barry McGarrh of Bluegrass Transportation volunteered the trailer to take the shoes multiple churches collect to Soles4Souls in Alabama.

"You're trying to bless someone else but you turn around and you end up being the one that's blessed," McGarrh said.

Schwambach says Soles4Souls will then bring new shoes to Evansville agencies to distribute locally.  

Some parents at Bethel Temple say it's a day their kids will remember and learn from.

"There's more out there in the world than just themselves and not to take anything for granted," Shae Woodworth said.

Schwambach says among the donations of all of those churches over 20,000 pairs of shoes were collected.  

The local places that will receive the shoes are:
Dream Center
Potter's Wheel
Chandler United Methodist Church 
Evansville Christian Life Center

They are also sending the shoes to Myanmar through Uncharted International, Inc.

 For more about Soles4Souls, click here. 

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