Frozen baby mom in IL sentenced 50 years

An Illinois woman who had admitted to leaving her newborn daughter to freeze to death along a city road in 2004 was sentenced to 50-years in prison on Friday.

32-year-old Katie Stockton hid her pregnancy and gave birth to the baby in secret in December, 2004 in Winnebago County.

After giving birth, she stuffed the baby into an orange shopping bag with soiled clothing and placed it along a dead-end road close by where her parents live.

Stockton denied being the mother of the baby and refused to provide a DNA sample when she was questioned during the time of the baby's death.

Authorities collected evidence years later from a cigarette butt they saw Stockton discard, and they say the saliva on the cigarette butt matched the blood found on the clothing with the baby they call Baby Crystal.

She was arrested in 2009 after further tests proved that she was the mother to the baby.

Investigators discovered her car that had been sitting in an impound lot for a year and search it for more clues shortly after her arrest.

That's when they found skeletal remains for two other infants wrapped in cloth and stuffed in separate plastic bags and buried in the trunk of the car underneath a spare tire, chain saw and tire iron.

No charges have been made in connection with the findings of those remains, and forensic pathologists could not determine how the infants found in the trunk died or if they were born alive or not.

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