Solid Week

Oh, Friday.  How happy I am to see thee!!!  Going out on a nice, light note today, too, so I'm in a good mood!  Ha!  I ended up only being in one show today, though I had a couple of other stories I wrote as well.  After the drama earlier this week with that federal indictment, I was ok with that!

In fact, the indictment had a pretty big (though not really unexpected) development today: the ERC member facing charges submitted a letter of resignation.  This story will have so many more updates that I'm keeping the indictment handy.  In fact, I should probably start an entire file with everything that has to do with this story!!  (That, though, would require more organization than I can muster right now.)  So, for now, it will just go to the top of the stack of "important papers" sitting above my desk!

I don't know what it is, really, but there seems to be a lot of news happening or being on the verge of happening right now.  That's a good thing, for us at least.  Plenty of things to go around!  I think we'd all prefer that to the days when we have a hard time figuring out what we're going to cover.  Yes, unfortunately, those days do happen now and then.  :)  It's never fun to be scrambling to come up with ideas.

Oh, here's something kind of interesting (maybe??).  One of the things I covered today was an Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau board meeting.  The board met in Executive Session first, which was expected to last about an hour, then was going into Regular Session.  I showed up at about the 45 minute mark to wait and the reporter from the Courier was already there.  Maybe 10 minutes later a photographer from the other tv station shows up.  We ended up sitting there having a nice, friendly conversation for quite a while before they actually wrapped up and we could go in.  It was nice to chat with them a little bit.  We're all usually pretty friendly when we see each other, but usually you don't have so much time to chit chat and get to know each other.  Anyway, it was kind of nice!  We talked about running, barbeque, karaoke, work, all kinds of things!

All in all, a pretty solid week.  Now I'm off to catch up with an old friend over dinner!  Enjoy the weekend!

Until next time,