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Trash piles up for the second week for some in Evansville

A trash pickup dispute continues in Evansville for the second week in a row.

Friday trash pickup was delayed leaving some neighbors with quite a mess.

Allied Waste alerted the city that workers were on the picket lines again so neighborhoods scheduled for trash pick-up on Friday will once again have to wait.

Edward Jones stares at the mess in his alley, piles of garbage left from another Friday with no trash pickup.

Friday morning, workers at Allied Waste Services took to the picket line instead of their trucks, but Allied says this is not a strike, only a disruption.

"Clearly the city is unhappy with the fact that this is the second time that service has been disrupted, but the Allied folks tell us that they have replacement drivers," says Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Making things worse, Jones say that his neighborhood still hasn't received the city's new trash bins leaving the trash to pileup with little protection.

Workers are picketing in support of striking union members in Ohio.

In a written statement, Allied said the workers don't show up for work and the company is working to minimize service disruptions.

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