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Local parents upset after new ruling on morning after pill

A federal judge says the controversial "morning after" pill must be made available to people of all ages within 30 days.

Evansville parent Dawn Warren tells 14 News she thinks being able to purchase the emergency contraceptive without a prescription isn't a smart option for young women.

"I say get your parents' advice and go see your doctor," says Warren.

Prior to this federal ruling, young women under age 17 needed a prescription to purchase the pill while those 17 and older did not.

Doctors say the morning after pill does not affect an existing pregnancy, but it delays ovulation using the same hormones found in birth control pills if taken within 72-hours of unprotected sex.

"It will decrease the availability of an egg to be fertilized," says Dr. David Schultz who is not in favor of making the pill over-the-counter.

"I really feel that this medication will reduce the importance of preventative type medications," says Dr. Schultz.

Officials with Planned Parenthood of Indiana tell us they think the new rulings is a good idea.

"To help us reduce the incidence of unintended pregnancy and thereby the reduction of the incidence of abortion," says Liz Carroll.

Even so, parents like Warren say they're just not on-board.

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