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Veterans pay respect to local fallen hero

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Veterans paid their respects to their fallen comrade from the airport arrival of the body all the way to the funeral home.

Michael Coomes is the post commander at VFW Post 696 in Owensboro.

He is an army veteran who served in the Vietnam conflict and has been involved with veteran organizations in Daviess County for more than 15 years.

"Seeing the atrocity of other veterans coming home," says Coomes. "I think it's a good thing that I help out other veterans, especially the younger ones coming home."

Coomes was at the VFW Post when he heard about the death of Daviess County native Sgt. Michael Cable.

"I was saddened by it especially the way he had to pass away and knowing what is family has to grow through now," says Coomes.

Ike Eisenmenger is a former marine who also served in the Viet name conflict and is the Senior Vice Commander at the VFW post 696 and Chairman of the Freedom Tribute.

"I just wanted to be here to help other veterans coming home and make sure this post was here to help them," says Eisenmenger.

He says he can't remember where he was when he heard the news about Sgt. Cable's death, but was angered by the news and wondered when all our troops would be coming home.

Eisenmenger and Coomes were both at Sgt. Cable's return and procession this morning.

"I was really amazed with all the people from Owensboro who showed up and lined the streets to pay respect for his family," say Coomes. "I just think it was a wonderful thing."

Sgt. Cable's funeral will be on Saturday and there will also be a benefit for his family at Pan Head Fred's that will take place the same day.

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