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World Hunt is this weekend

Nearly 600 beagles are in Warrick County this weekend from across the United States competing in the world hunt.

Every where you look and every where you turn, floppy ears and wagging tails.

They're all looking for one thing.

"When a dog barks three times in a minute, if he produces a rabbit or he sees a rabbit or all the dogs hit in, he gets ten points right there," says Lucas Byrd.

Byrd has been running dogs for 14 years.

He says it's in his genes and it's all about genes.

Byrd and his dad breed champion beagles.

Club President Charlie Offerman says it's a unique mix of competition sprinkled with a little bit of luck that makes for a good weekend.

"Everybody just camaraderie, people from Pennsylvania see guys from Missouri to have a good time," says Offerman.

Matthew Eatleton from Monticello, Kentucky and Trey Bennett from Belpre, Ohio met at the World Hunt when they were toddlers and see each other every year.

"It's so fun because you get to have fun with your friends, you also get to listen to the dogs bark and watch rabbits run," says Bennett.

The boys agree on the hardest part, "trying to get your dogs to not run deer," says Bennett.

Eatleton goes out with his dog, lady and gave 14 News some pointers.

"Stay with the group and don't fuss with the judges," says Eatleton.

The trials run through Sunday, so you can grab the family and bring them out to see some of the champion dogs.

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