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Will the Blue Angels be at Shrinersfest this year?

An update on the Blue Angels' scheduled performance at Shrinersfest this summer.

Shrinersfest Spokesman Dale Thomas says the show remains on the schedule even though the Blue Angels aren't practicing right now.

That's because of mandated government spending cuts.

Thomas says he's hopeful the blue angels won't have to cancel the Evansville show, but admits it's out of the Shriner's hands and there are plenty of other attractions at the festival.

"We feel that the Blue Angels well have a stupendous show, but we feel we have enough depth if they aren't able to come, then we'll have a great show on the Riverfront," says Thomas.

Shrinersfest begins on July 3 with the Blue Angels performances on the 6th and 7th.

A full schedule of events will be released in a few weeks.

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