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La Vergne mayor, alderman take spat to Facebook


A spat between the mayor and an alderman in La Vergne is heating up on Facebook, and neither side is backing down.

Mayor Senna Mosley said she's tired of alleged lies coming from Alderman Dennis Waldron, calling him an embarrassment to the city.

The two city leaders have apparently been at odds for years, but the mayor says she's had enough and won't tolerate anyone talking trash about city workers doing their job.

Waldron contends he tells it like it is.

"I'm not gonna sugarcoat nothing," Waldron said.

But his comments about city leaders' spending has the mayor saying enough.

"I am a very strong-willed woman, and I don't back down," Mosley said.

"She's mad at me. That's her problem," Waldron said.

This week, in a Daily News Journal article about tax rebates, Waldron said the city "should have money to burn if they haven't spent it like a bunch of drunk sailors."

"I was the only alderman that voted 'no' on doubling the taxes and water bill," Waldron said.

The mayor said Waldron's comment was the last straw, so she took to Facebook, where she said the alderman is an "embarrassment to the city." Part of the problem, she wrote, is that Waldron "doesn't like strong-willed females."

"I did feel like that was the most disrespectful thing you could do to a group of employees who work so hard to make this city work," Mosley said.

"Anybody that disagrees with her or don't jump when she whistles, that's her way of attacking them - on Facebook," Waldron said.

Waldron admits he's often at odds with other city leaders but denies ever talking down to women, as the mayor claimed.

"I've got some aunts, and my mother is the strongest women I know of. They would contradict that," Waldron said.

Mosley said her Facebook post was less about blasting Waldron and more about letting city department heads know she thinks they're doing a good job.

"I stand firm in that, and I will defend my city. That is my job," Mosley said.

Channel 4 News asked both the mayor and the alderman if they regret how they've handled this situation.

Both said they did not, although Waldron said he could have used a different choice of words.

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