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Several arrested after drug busts in Boonville

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Several arrests were made in Boonville after a drug bust Thursday morning.

14 News was the only news media there as the search warrants were being served.

The search warrants happened at the Elmwood apartments off of Elm and Boonville.

Several agencies were involved including Newburgh and Boonville Police and the Sheriff's office.

The Sheriff told 14 News that it's not typical for them to do several search warrants at once, but they believed the people from all three apartments may have been involved in drug activity together.

In total, six people were arrested and one child was handed over to a family member.

Sheriff Brent Kruse says the investigation on the group began after several tips.

"There are several small children that live in this apartment complex and I think that is the reason we probably get complaints on illegal narcotics activity is people don't want to see their neighborhood involved in that type of activity," says Kruse.

Seeing more than a dozen law enforcement vehicles and seeing all the commotion had some neighbors shaken up.

"I came back home, backed my car in, and I saw a bunch of police officers come in," says Paul Dobson. "I'm about ready to sell my place and get out of here."

Detectives are still looking at some of the evidence that was found Thursday.

They say meth was not involved but they did find other drugs and drug paraphernalia.

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