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Neighbors say old Somerville school is a health hazard

People in Somerville want something done about the old school building.

Windows are broken and bricks are falling off the structure and some say it's a hazard to kids.

The old school building hasn't been used since the early 70s and it's become so rundown that town and health officials can no longer ignore the problems.

14 News is told that it has both lead and asbestos and since the structure is falling apart, it's a real hazard for kids that play nearby.

"I hope they tear it down, but everybody wants to restore it," says Frankie Jones. "Nobody does anything about it. They've had two or three buyers for it and they've all decided to restore and then they walk away and that's it."

Life was different back when Bill Hutchinson went to school at the old school when it was Somerville Elementary.

It's been some 40-years since school kids like Hutchinson roamed the hallways.

Windows and doors have come off and some foundation lays nearby.

These days it's home to nothing but wildlife.

"It was there for education people and helping kids out," says Hutchinson. "Now it's a hazard to kids and a potential health hazard to the community."

Administrator Jennifer Tuley says they've contact the owners from Pike County who have 90 days to take action.

"In today's economy it's unfortunately becoming more frequent," says Tuley. "We're running into housing issues that are the same way."

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