Day 2

So today was Day 2 of covering a big federal indictment unsealed yesterday involving a public official in Evansville.  I predict many more follow ups ahead, as well.  I ended up interviewing two City Council members for part of my story. The funny part is how I ended up "getting" one of the interviews. I actually called one of the Council members yesterday and got no response back. It just so happened that I ran into this person while in the Courts Building (yes... AGAIN!) this morning checking on a trial.  I walked up and heard the person talking about the indictment with someone else. Then, the best part. Also heard them explaining to the other person how the media had called and they didn't respond. Ha! Caught in the act! That's about when I let them know I was there! After that, the interview happened. Right time, right place if there's ever been one! And a good reminder that you never know when a reporter looking for a story may be lurking around!

Short and sweet today. I'm writing from home, and it's close to midnight...

Until next time,