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'Big Blue Nation' sending prayers to Louisville's Kevin Ware


It doesn't matter who you cheer for, no college basketball fan ever wants to see a devastating injury like Kevin Ware's. 

One sports clothing store in Madisonville is garnering national attention for its support of the fallen Cardinal. 

Louisville Sophomore guard, Kevin Ware, came down with an injury that made most of America cringe. One local store in Madisonville is blurring team alliances and sending out prayers for Ware.

"You know Kentucky's out of it, I hate that. I know this whole side of the states hates that, but I hope they do bring home the trophy just for Ware," said Ginger Curneal, manager at Wildcat Wearhouse. 

It's hard to find any other color besides Kentucky blue at the Wildcat Wearhouse, even though the store has license to print UK and University of Louisville gear.  

On Monday, Curneal changed the store sign to read 'Prayers for our friend Ware from Big Blue Nation' and posted a photo on Facebook. The photo went viral to Cats Illustrated, USA Today, and Kevin Ware's personal Instagram page garnering comments from the injured Louisville star himself.

"His first message was, 'I woke up this morning just to put this message on my Instagram.' He said much love to Big Blue Nation and it really touched my heart," Curneal said.

Keith Cartwright, a Cardinals fan with children at UK and Louisville, stated what the sign meant to fans in the community.  

"The sign is a class act and I'm hoping it's a symbol of maybe some thawing of the relationship of the fans of both schools. I think if you look at both the players on both teams, they have a lot of respect for each other. If you're a University of Louisville fan or a University of Kentucky fan, you would never want to see this happen to any individual," Cartwright said.

Ware has been cleared to travel for Louisville's semi-final game against Wichita State this Saturday.

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