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Evansville thieves targeting unusual item- trash cans

Thieves are targeting an usual item this week- trash cans.  

In just one day, six Evansville residents have had their bins stolen, according to police. 

Police tell 14 News all of the trash cans reported missing are from Allied Waste

An EPD Sergeant says it could be related to the labor disputes in other communities. As 14 News reported last week, a local teamsters group refused to work Thursday morning, in support of the striking union members in Ohio.. Police say that issue could be to blame, especially since it's not just happening in one neighborhood. 

"The way that this is spread out, that's what I believe it is. If they were all together, maybe we would be looking at just some kids out doing pranks, just taking trash cans in a certain neighborhood, but we're seeing these reported all over town. So this is somebody that's specifically targeted the Allied cans," Sgt. Jason Cullum, with EPD, said.

A representative with Allied Waste wasn't available for comment on Wednesday.

Evansville police are suggesting that residents remove the trash cans from the road after trash pickup as soon as possible.

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