Taking A Stand: Help out Little Sisters of the Poor

Sometimes I receive criticism for doing what people call a 'soft' editorial like this, but I'm truly committed to this one.

The Little Sisters of the Poor have been running St. John's Home for the Aged on Lincoln Avenue in Evansville for 130 years.

Last year they announced they were withdrawing from the home due to the fact that not many are entering the order and they simply don't have enough sisters to run the home.

They are looking for a sponsor to take over the home, and that search is still active.

Many people in our community mistakenly think that the little sisters have already left the home, and their donations have suffered as a result of this misconception.

The Little Sisters of the Poor need our help. I'm begging you to please consider a donation to support their efforts to serve the aged.

You can find donation information on their website.

Please help these blessed women, you will remain in their prayers.

That's my stand.