Today marks anniversary of the worst weather day in U.S. History

 Today marks the 39th anniversary of one of the worst days in U.S. weather history:  The Super Outbreak of Tornadoes of April 3-4, 1974.  In all, 148 tornadoes tore across 13 states in a 24-hour period…a record that was unsurpassed until the April 25-28 outbreak in the south in 2011 which spawned 358 tornadoes, 30 of which were EF4 or EF5 intensity.

 Here is a map showing all the tornado tracks during the Super Outbreak of 1974.  The closest tornadoes to the Tri-State hit Louisville and Brandenburg, KY, along with Hanover, Indiana and Xenia, Ohio.


  This is the tornado as it approached Xenia as an F-5 with 200+ mph winds.


The technology of the day pales in comparison to what is available today.  Can you spot the hook echo on this radar image of the Xenia tornado ?


 By contrast, we'll enjoy a quiet and cool weather pattern with a nice warm up as we head into the weekend.  Today's surface map shows a warm front to the south with a few showers moving along the boundary.


The temperature trend for Thursday shows the warmup kicking in by afternoon, and we'll be basking in mid 70's by the end of the weekend. 


A few showers will return early next week, along with a chance for thunderstorms.