Evansville web series wins award at L.A. festival

(Photo Courtesy: RealityOnDemandSeries.com)
(Photo Courtesy: RealityOnDemandSeries.com)

Alien Jungle Bug Productions is proud to announce that season one of REALITY ON DEMAND, which was filmed primarily in the Evansville area, has won another award. This time for Best Visual Effects/Special Effects at the Los Angeles Web Series Festival. The action/sci-fi/comedy web series was filmed entirely in the Tri-State area with cast and crew members from across Indiana and Kentucky who brought to life this independent TV series.

The series, created by Executive Producer/Director/Co-Writer Marx H. Pyle (Silence of the Belle, Book of Dallas, Star Trek Phase II), follows four strangers testing an advanced virtual reality game world composed of their favorite television shows and movies. But when they become trapped, a fun adventure takes a dangerous turn where cancellation means death.

"We were thrilled to have REALITY ON DEMAND appear and win an award with so many other great web series from around the world. We were proud to represent Indiana filmmakers at LAWEBFEST," said Pyle. "We've been fortunate to have been accepted to many film festivals across the U.S. and win many awards, but this festival is unique: being in L.A. and with series from not just the U.S., but also countries like France, Italy, Australia, Britain, and many more. It is a testament to the talent we have in the Tri-State area to be among such an international collection of artists."

Pyle and Co-writer/Lead Actress/Co-Producer Julie Hernandez Seaton (Book of Dallas, Daylight) attended the festival on March 28-31st. Pyle was also on a panel called "The Future of Web Series," which was the most attended panel of the event. Evansville native Visual Effects Supervisor/Art Director Jarrod Moschner was unable to attend, but was excited to hear the good news.

"Web series are being made everywhere-- in every state in America, in every part of the world," said festival founder Michael Ajakwe Jr., an Emmy-winning TV producer who is also a web series creator, writer and producer. "While traditional Hollywood is still on the fence when it comes to its perception and understanding of the viability of the web series, talents in and outside of Hollywood aren't waiting for industry validation and have leaped in head first-- telling and executing their own stories on a professional level that will blow your socks off. The level of ambition and resourcefulness we're seeing is nothing short of ferocious," said Ajakwe.

LAWEBFEST is the world's oldest and largest web series festival.