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Enjoy Wednesday - Big Temperature Drop on Thursday

Enjoy today's upper 50s and low 60s while you can because tomorrow will literally seem like a different world.

We're still closely watching the system developing south of us spreading rain over a large portion of the Mississippi River Valley.  So far, we've only seen the clouds from this system advance over our heads, but that will change in a big way overnight into tomorrow.

As Kendra mentioned in her blog post yesterday, we'll have a steady rain which will become heavy at times. 

This low pressure system will move along the Gulf Coast (to our south) and the location of that track will allow for chilly air to be pulled from the northeast around the center of the system.  We often refer to this northeast wind as a "wedge" of cold air, but saying "wedge" doesn't mean much or mean the same thing to those of you listening or reading.  :) 

That chilly air will funnel down the eastern side of the Appalachians and lock into place while the rain comes down.  Also, this northeast breeze will converge with the warm, mid-level air (moving in with the moisture) causing a concentration of steady rain around here for most of the day.  Due to the cool air, thunderstorms won't be a problem and none will develop.

The bottom line for tomorrow is rain will come down as temperatures remain in the 40s area-wide and thermometers will likely hover in the low-middle 40s much of tomorrow

Good thing our weather turns much nicer by the weekend!




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