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Get dirty for cancer at Owensboro's 5K Mud Run


The Owensboro American Cancer Society and many volunteers spent months putting together a fundraiser that will have you crawling on your knees. 

Country music is full of songs about tractors, tilling up the land, planting, and harvests. But nobody sings about what Brian Smith is doing.

Smith is part owner of Diamond Lake Resort in Owensboro. He and a group of American Cancer Society volunteers are creating a mess on his resort.

"We're tearing it up back there. We got the tractor out working and we're digging with shovels. We got racks and other implements of destruction," Smith said.

The volunteers are building a course for a 5K Mud Run called Up, Down, and Dirty for a Cure. 

Runners run through the country side and encounter 13 military style obstacles. The non-profit project is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in Owensboro.

"Our mission is to help people get better, stay better and the funds will go towards research, education, and patient services," said Staci Scott with the Owensboro office of the American Cancer Society.

"To build this course was kind of fun for me because it's outside the normal and outside my daily routine and this cause is really great," Smith said. 

The American Cancer Society says they hope to reduce the death of cancer by 50 percent and measurably improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

They also hope this extreme 5K will bring awareness.

The race will run for two days April 20 and April 21 at Diamond Lake Resort. 

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