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Concerned west side residents discuss controversial development


Concerned residents gathered Tuesday night to discuss a controversial west side development project.

Members of the Growing Responsibly on University Parkway are focused on the future impact of the mix-use Majestic Place project saying there needs to be a detailed plan in place so changes can be made before any major decisions are made. 

Michael Lockard says the group is not against progress.

"We have been very, very straight forward that we are not against development. We are actually in favor of good development, but good development means planned development. That's what we've been trying to convince everybody is, development is a good thing, if it's planned out properly," Lockard said.

The group will be gathering signatures on a petition against the proposed rezoning near University Parkway and plan to appear at the next Vanderburgh County Commissioners meeting.

To stay informed with what the group is doing, you can contact them at these accounts.

@UPSmartGrowth (Twitter account)


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