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Proposed IN legislation could require armed employee in schools

A proposed Indiana legislation would require Indiana schools to have an employee carry a loaded gun during school hours. 

That proposal released on the same day an NRA sponsored study is released that suggests schools across the nation should train and arm at least one staff member.

Supporters say guns in school could prevent another tragedy while others say they're not comfortable having guns around kids.

"Maybe some horrible situation could be avoided because they are carrying," store owner, Adam Smith said. 

Smith owns Vendor's Village in Princeton, a store that welcomes guns. But as the sign suggests, customers are to keep those guns holstered unless the need arises.

"If God forbid somebody came in here and tried to do something that was stupid and rob us, I hope there's a law abiding, gun-toting citizen there to help us out," Smith said.

But could having a gun on school property do the same?

"Fire arms on school property is a complicated issue," said Dr. Brian Harmon with North Gibson School Corporation. 

Dr. Brian Harmon, the superintendent of the North Gibson School Corporation says while the details of this bill could obviously change as it moves along, he questions just how much training a school employee would have to have before bringing a fire arm on campus.

"Is that a 15 week course at the law enforcement academy in Plainfield or is that a two hour training course?" Dr. Harmon said.  

Dr. Harmon says his system has benefited from having a school resource office on campus for several years now. He says recent surveys have shown that students, parents, and staff feel safer, knowing a police officer is in the building.  

But he says if the bill requires additional school personal to undergo training, that could put a strain on all school systems.

"Coming up with funding for any new initiative is difficult to do," Dr. Harmon said.

Late Tuesday night, Governor Mike Pence says in a statement that he believes decisions about school safety should be made by local schools with support from the state.

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