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Firefighters rescue llama trapped in mud near Canby

Photo: Canby Fire District Photo: Canby Fire District

Canby firefighters rescued a llama stuck up to its chest in mud Tuesday.

Emergency crews responded to the scene Tuesday evening, just east of Canby.

Firefighters said the 15-year-old llama's name is Sergeant Pepper.

"We go on several animal rescues, " said Troy Buzalsky,  Division Chief of Canby Fire.

"We've seen everything  from cats in trees, to a cow through a well, and even a horse who fell through a bridge, but in my career, this is my first llama rescue." 

Firefighters tranquilized the 350 pound llama to relax it and then a team of firefighters rocked it back and forth to uproot the animal from the mud.

"We put six firefighters on the animal, and then we grabbed it where we could and then rolled the animal like a log, fortunately the legs came right out," said Buzalsky.   

Crews say the hands on mission took a total of 24 seconds.

"We were dealing with really thick muck, stuff that farmers call boot suckin' off mud,' said Canby Vet Michael 'Doc' Harms.

"I mean it's the kinds that pull boots when you step in it, that's the gumbo stuff she was in."

Sgt. Pepper was pulled to safety just before 6 pm.  

Harms says the llama has no broken bones and appears to be just fine.

"He seemed to be in good spirits,  but there were another 3 or 4 llamas watching on and wanting to know what was going on,  but I'd say it was a good ending," said Harms.

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